Thursday, April 9, 2009

Retired But Still So Cute

When my oldest son was turning 5 (2007) he decided to have a pirate themed birthday
which thrilled me so I could use my Ahoy Matey stamp set. I was so sad to see it retire last
go round :-(
I had the best time making these and received so many compliments from the parents of the invited children. It was the first time of having a birthday party at our home and even though it was a pretty involved deal with it being a pool, bouncy house, water slide, hotdog/hamburger cookout party it was so worth it. Jack and his friends had such a great time! Last year we did a rock climbing party at an indoor climbing gym and it was really nice to leave all the setup and clean up to someone else. Okay, I was bummed that I could not find any stamp sets to make the invites and had to resort to using the gym's clip art invitations.
We have another b-day coming up in June and have yet to decide what a soon to be 7 year old may want to do this year. Maybe I can pull out my stamp sets and he can pick a theme from one of them...yeah, right!

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