Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's A Bun In The Oven!

No, not what you think! It's an adorable way to present a cupcake or muffin, or even a pair of socks that look like a cupcake! I found this fantastic little project through Lauren Meader's blog . She designs some wonderful templates that can be found at: I am not affliated in any way other than being a satisfied customer. I made these goodies for my 6 year old son's teachers and some staff members for Staff (Teacher) Appreciation Week. During the week of March 23-27 we celebrated Teacher Appreciation at my 3 y/o's preschool. We decided to do it then as to avoid all the chaos of having it in May when the national celebration takes place and all the other schools would be celebrating. We just knew we would have ours done, recuperate in April and do it all over again in May at the elementary school. Well, that was not to be the case! Half way through our week at the preschool we get an email and letter sent home stating the elementary school would be celebrating the week of March 30-April 3! Oh well, at least now we are done for the year.

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  1. Very cute, Dawn. It's an unusual way to gift box something!! lol