Friday, April 3, 2009

Ladies Tea

These are the favors I made for the Ladies Tea that took place the same weekend as the Mother-Daughter Tea. Their theme was "Drinking From My Saucer". I had never read that poem before, but as I was trying to come up with design ideas for the table tent cards I read it and knew that it had to be an integral part of the tent card. The friend that I made them for told me the ladies so enjoyed the favors and that she was so surprised at what I had done for the tent cards and that it was such a nice touch. I have this horrible problem of always bumping up my original project ideas and I am sure it probably hurts my bottom line financially, but I am one of those design by the seat of your pants people when it comes to original designs. I really must work on this. In this particular case the good will it extended more than made up of the extra effort. And not too mention my name did get passed on to a lady at another church that is in the planning stages for her tea party!

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  1. These are so very beautiful and feminine...I am not surprised they were a big hit!