Saturday, February 18, 2012

Belated Birthday

 I have got to get busy and start crafting some more cards now that I am about done posting my latest creations. Can I please have about 12 extra hours per day? I know, don't we all wish there was more time to hide away in our craft rooms, or as in my case crowd the dining room table with my vast inventory of products :-) Bless my husband's heart he rarely says anything about him!!

I also love this Mixed Bunch stamp set. As usual I was running behind on a birthday gift that was
already considerably belated so I had to go fairly simple. I have seen so many beautiful cards done with this set.

My upline did a tutorial on a card like this using the My Friend set and I  liked it so much I decided to CASE it. The only change I did was to add some Dazzling Diamonds to the White Embossing Powder to get a little extra shimmer. 

I know, here she goes again with that Because I Care set, but I'll say it again.....I really love that set!

Back to that Mixed Bunch set. I told you I was pressed for time so not only did I do simple, but repeats with minor color changes. The first set had Pear Pizazz centers on the flowers and here we have Baja Breeze. I am thinking next time I create one like this I bump it up a notch with some background embossing.

Well, I learned my lesson with this set of cards. I asked my 6 year old what was his teacher's favorite color. He proudly and definitively stated "purple and pink!" So I tried to follow that color scheme throughout this set of gift cards. Just recently I found out her favorite color is green....uh-oh. I find that a tad bit funny, because that is my son's favorite color as well; perhaps he just was helping his teacher expand her horizons on other color choices.

Finally, another Because I Care and in pink, but at least there is some green on the card!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Sheet Wonder

Happy Valentine's Day!!! No Valentine's cards to post today, but hey, I am just patting myself very lightly on the back just to have posted twice within a week's time :-)

I just love this DSP, Paisley Petals, I think it is so elegant. Quite some time ago I got the urge to do some One Sheet Wonder cards with this paper. I searched for layouts, cut cardstock and DSP, had everything ready to go and then I stopped. Then I finally got the urge, many months later, to play with paper and stamps again and this is what I did. I actually made a mistake when I was cutting the designer paper so I ended up with more cards than I was supposed to, but how is a paper crafter going to complain about that?!

Somehow I found a template by Keri Lee Sereika (thank you) and luckily I scanned the template and the card layouts because I have never been able to stumble across this particular one since then. I changed a few things here and there just to put my touch on it.


I did keep the theme going by only using birthday sentiments


You can never have too many birthday cards on hand, can you?


It's good to be posting again and I thank you for stopping by!

Friday, February 10, 2012

1 Year and 13 Days Later.......

Wow, do I have a lot of catching up to do!!! It has been a very long while since I have posted and truthfully, it's been a long while since I even wanted to post. Last year was not a good year and hope to not have to repeat a similar one any time soon. Next Friday, February 17 will mark one year since I lost my dad....I never imagined how hard it was to lose a parent. I have lost other folks in my life (I am far from being a spring chicken), but to lose a parent was incredibly hard for hero. I never told him that, but I hope he knew I would walk through fire for him. This is my favorite picture of us ever......

Dad had been ill for a while with COPD, he was sick a lot longer than he ever admitted, but he was a stoic man. It was honor to have helped care for him during his last few days at my parents home. My brother, husband and I were there 24/7 and I would not have had it any other way. I did not have the desire to do much over this last year other than the things that had to be taken care of, family, our business, helping Mom take care of all the "stuff". As much as I knew I needed to be there, I stayed away from my church and church family, but they supported me through cards and phone calls, I didn't craft, I didn't read, but I tell you what I sure could cry you a river when those darn COPD medication commercials came on the TV! Yes, even now I have to laugh at goofy things like that to keep the tears at bay. I was so lost for so many months and then my Pastor asked if she could come visit me at my home. She had been so kind to offer her services over the previous husband would come home from service and let me know who was asking after me and what did I need or want, but I just shrugged it off because I could do it on my own....yeah, right. Little did  she know the tidal wave of emotions that she was about to be hit with, thank you and bless you Kim! Since that visit I have slowly been getting myself involved in the things I once enjoyed....I started my crafting journey back by crocheting baby caps for the local hospitals, I returned to Church and my family there received me with open and loving arms, and I finally started paper crafting again....hooray!!! So this brings me to where I am today, bending your ear with a wish to do what I enjoy and share my creations and yes, Dad would want me to be happy.

Well, now that  sure was a not quite so happy way to start back with my blogging journey! But on to happier moments with an end of the year (that would be last school year... 2010-11) thank you card and gift made for my son's teacher.

I really enjoyed using the new embossing powders on this Flower Fest card. Just do me a favor and ignore that little dark spot on the "thanks" sentiment. I was a very bad girl and did not get my digital camera sensors cleaned like I should have and this was the price I paid.

I am not sure why this next picture came out so dark, I used the same light box, camera, etc....the end result is not so good. I gave the teacher some monogram cards as well as all occasion cards.

Monogram Note Cards

Because I Care Thank You card

Just Believe

More Because I Care (yes, I really liked this stamp set)

Just Believe (again...I really like this one too)

And another Because I Care.

Well, I should wrap up this first post for 2012 and get to my list of must-do's for the day. I will do my best to post on a more regular basis ....I do have a few pictures stashed away of the cards made over the last few months.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. I look forward to many more posts!!!