Saturday, November 14, 2009

Build A Bear

A friend called the other day and wanted to know if I could work up a design for her daughter's birthday invitations. The party theme was candy and I thought what could I do? Luckily she was having a party at a place called The Lollipop Shop (completely new to me!) and at their parties you can choose a stuffed toy/animal, actually unstudied, and then stuff it with candy! Can you say sugar buzz for a lifetime...unless they are the size of a Beanie Baby :-) Well when I heard stuffed animal I immediately thought of the SU! Build A Bear dies and stamp set then became quite disappointed as I have not yet ordered any BAB items. Got on the phone to my friend and rescuer Rita. She saved the day by letting me borrow her dies and her brand new unused stamp set. I felt rather guilty by breaking in her new stamp set first. As it turned out, I only used the dies and get to return her stamp set new as the day she received it. I made the lollipop from WW card stock and the shaving cream technique aiming for the swirly effect of those gigantic lollipops kids are always attracted to and then added a touch of Stickles for some sparkle. Yes, I know the greeting is not SU!, but it was all I had. My friend picked up the invites today and seemed pleased with the result. Now to work up a design for her other daughter's birthday in theme=winter so I'm thinking snow flakes or maybe the snowmen from the More The Merrier set. The most awesome thing about this invite is that the birthday girl has chosen NOT to ask for presents, but ask her guests to bring items for Project Night Night. This organization puts together small totes with a blanket, book, and stuffed toy for children at homeless shelters. This young lady truly has a heart of gold. If you get a chance go check out the website Once again, thanks for taking the time to share my blog.

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