Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Had to Post the Real Thing

Okay, my OCD kicked in. I had to post the "real" thing rather than just my sample piece. See what I mean when I say that I embellish and change as I create? Please tell me there are others out there that do the same thing!

Close up of the bubbles. I used Waterfall Stickles and after it dried I top coated with Crystal Effects. I used a variety of DSP patterned papers and I tried to upload the picture to show you, but every time I try to upload the picture it mysteriously turns from a horizontal shot to a
vertical view. Needless to say it is beyond me at the moment. When I figure it out I will add it to the post...hopefully :-) Thanks for looking, again.


  1. Hi Dawn: You are a winner for a free pass to UStamp with Dawn and Friends. E-mail me for instructions for the free pass at lindahansen1813@comcast.net.


    Love, Linda

  2. Dawn,

    HAD to check out your blog! Great stuff you got here, Girl.