Friday, April 23, 2010

NSR...Not Stamping Related...

I just had to add these closeup pictures of the beautiful quilts we made for our preschool teachers. This one happens to be for my son's teacher and his class is the Dinofours. There were a total of 20 crazy quilts made and then 3 panel quilts featuring the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. As I have said before, my hat is off to my quilting queen friend Cindy. She did such fabulous work and very quickly I might add. I helped where I could, ironing on the Wonder Under, tracing hands, cutting out of hands, ironing of hands onto squares & binding, trimming, however the only sewing I did was limited to sewing the squares into to strips.
Each quilt was quilted with a pattern that was somehow related to each class. As in this picture, the Dinofour class quilts were done in a dinosaur pattern. I think Cindy did a fantastic job matching patterns to classes. Other examples were the Cat in the Hat for the Dr. Seuss class (3 year olds), fish for the Fishy Fours class, ladybugs for the Ladybug class (2 year olds)...well, you get the idea.
Just another example of my friend's amazing talent! Well, I have actually taken the plunge and have started working on a quilt similar to these, but I can't say too much in case the recipients happen to be blog readers :-) I just hope I paid good attention to everything Cindy did. I am quite anxious to finish as these will be my first ever quilts all on my own. Wish me luck and thanks for looking!

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